Airshot Giveaway


Airshot has been established to design, develop, and provide new, well-engineered and competitively priced products to riders. After months of testing both in workshops and out on the trails, Airshot release their self-titled first product, “Airshot”. Airshot is a device designed to make the inflation of tubeless tyres as easy as possible; ensuring wherever you are, you can always pop a tyre on. We have three Airshots to giveaway. 


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Lockstrap Giveaway


Lockstraps provide enhanced security for bikes, helmets and gear when travelling to an event. They bring together a combination locking carabiner with heavy duty tie down re-enforced with a stainless steel cable, deterring the opportunity thief armed with a pocket knife.

There is nothing better than driving the roads less travelled across our country in search of that epic ride. On the way, you stop at an inviting coffee shop and spend some time talking with your mates about the sweet rides ahead. Then, when you get back to the car, you discover to your horror the bikes are no longer on your car. The tie downs have been sliced through and the bikes stolen.

Riding the best roads or trails most often requires travelling by car with the bike mounted on a bike rack. With thousands of dollars’ worth of bike mounted to the car, it's an invitation for someone who sees it as an opportunity for an upgrade. It's when you park to grab a coffee or load up on carbs where Lockstraps show their worth. The added level of protection offered by the re-enforced stainless steel cable means it cannot be cut by a knife.

Adding to the benefit is Lockstraps do not need a key to lock the caribiner in place. The combination lock combined with a heavy duty shackle provides an additional level of security for your equipment.

The range of Lockstraps means there is one ideal for almost every application. Locking onto a trailer, bike rack or even securing a helmet are all possible with the options available. It makes securing your valuables quick and easy and as the research suggests - deter over 90% of all opportunity thefts.

We have Lockstraps to giveaway to one lucky reader. 


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