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2nd February 2017



Torpedo7’s riding shorts are a light weight, stretchy, no fuss, breathable and light set of shorts. The design follows the trend of current trail shorts, with a large waist band for a secure fit and a light weight material, in this case 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex.


The styling suits a rider who doesn’t mind a modest appearance, so those of you who like the super-bright road worker look might be better suited to something else. Moving on to the fit, for me they were comfortable around the waist and a little tighter than a usual around the thighs, although with the stretch this did not affect movement and it very well may suit a lot of people that don’t enjoy loose fitting riding clothes. I only tried a liner with a chamois under them once, which was a tad tight; those who regularly wear these may want to look at going one size up.


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The breathability out on the trial was great, and they stood up to some hot temperatures, with the fabric doing a great job of wicking away sweat. A nice touch was the zipper pocket inside the main pocket, which was a great place to store a phone or keys. The pocket sat more on the upper of the rider’s leg rather than slipping around to the hip area; this made it more comfortable and would definitely save your phone (and leg) in a crash.


They were a great pair of shorts for quick rides, doing an hour or so at the local trails where there wasn’t a need for padded liners, as the lightweight nature of them made them super comfortable. The price point is good and definitely makes them an affordable option, even more so if you strike the timing right and get them on sale.


Ryan Lewis