VIDEO: Velosolutions - South African Pump Track

20th February 2017


New Zealander Craig Pattle, a former Word Cup DH racer, has partnered up with Swiss former World Cup racer turned race-announcer extraordinaire, Claudio Caluori, and along with the talented and hard-working Velosolutions crew, they're making incredible pump-tracks, all over the world. Check out the ... read more

Video: Out of the Box with Connor Fearon and the Kona Hei Hei Trail

16th February 2017


All too often we can get sucked into the same old habits. Same trails, same bike, same everything. Sometimes you've got to get out of the box. Live a little. Breathe. And then shred. Out of the Box with Connor Fearon and the Kona Hei Hei Trail from Kona Bikes on Vimeo. ... read more

VIDEO: Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

2nd November 2016


What is Wee Day Out all about? Although I’m doing very abnormal riding, I set out to make a video that hopefully relates to the normal rider. Every rider has had to ride through a puddle when it's been a bit unknown how deep the center of that puddle is, it just so happens that the puddle in ... read more

VIDEO: The Pioneer Teaser

14th July 2016


The inaugural Pioneer Mountain Bike Stage Race through NZ’s Southern Alps proved to be a true pioneering race. All those who competed loved the stunning scenery, the brutal nature of the challenge, and left them heaping praise on this epic event through New Zealand’s pristine high countr... read more

FOCUS Brings Out New F.O.L.D Suspension Design

20th June 2016


The all-new FOCUS F.O.L.D. kinematics for the FOCUS O1E and JAM.On the hunt for the ultimate riding experience, FOCUS developed and patented an entirely new suspension design. This technology has been optimized to deliver performance in the widest range of circumstances. We call this system the FOCU... read more

The New Kona Hei Hei Carbon

23rd May 2016


Kona Hei Hei now available in carbon We’ve just reviewed Kona’s Hei Hei Trail DL, aluminium framed 29er 100mm travel speed-focused trail bike and we loved it. Now Kona have just released the carbon framed Hei Hei, which is said to save about 600 grams and add stiffness to th... read more


13th April 2016


From the tangled sheep paths of the tussock grasslands to purpose-built trails snaking through the sharp mountain peaks, New Zealand ’s varied topography makes for an awe-inspiring mountain bike playground. We traveled throughout the South Island testing the SB5.5c on the fast, ragged conditio... read more

JEFFSY - Far out or nothing

8th April 2016


Before we say anything more, just watch the video…Aaron Gwin’s section will make you want to spit your breakfast out and get straight on your bike and onto the tracks, right now. Well, it did for us anyway. When you get back, we’ll tell you that consistent with rumours, it’s... read more

Video: The Pioneer Stage 2

2nd February 2016


The Pioneer is off to a great start and is getting great coverage. The weather is hot and the tracks are fast. New Zealand Mountain Biker Magazine are supporting a mixed entry who are reguarly updating on our Facebook. Keep an eye on their reports to see just how tough (and amazing) the journey is. ... read more